Conflicts Analyst - Legal Risk & Compliance

Job Purpose:

Deliver accurate, timely and compliant Conflict Search results, determining when we should not act due to a conflict of interest, duty of confidentiality or commercial conflict.

Key Accountabilities:

Conflict Search Process Management

1.         Ensure the correct reason for Conflict Search has been identified and all associated mandatory data has beenentered correctly

2.         Ensure all non-conforming Conflict Searches are rejected

3.         Ensure rules for risk-based exemption from Conflict Search are adhered to and breaches are escalated

4.         Ensure that data quality controls continue to provide data to the standard required for completion

5.         Provide updates and attend regular meetings with the Senior Data Manager, and other R&C managers whereappropriate

6.         Provide input and produce reports on the performance of the Conflict Team as required

7.         Assist in the User Acceptance Testing of new software, IT developments and process changes related to ConflictSearch

Conflict Search Results Analysis

1.         Ensure conflict searches are run and analysed within SLA

2.         Ensure your own and other team members' conflict search investigations have been completed thoroughly

3.         Ensure summary information presented for final decision-making on potential conflicts is accurate, appropriateand complete

4.         Escalate instances where SLAs could potentially and have been breached

5.         Review bulk conflict search results to identify conflicts arising from merger/acquisition activity

6.         Review business excluded from the standard conflict search process due to an agreed risk-based exception toensure that it complies with the agreed criteria

Business Support (Secondary)

  • Work closely with local file opening teams to expedite new client and new matter intake
  • Answer daily Conflict Search queries via email and telephone
  • Provide coaching and support for users entering party information which may require travel to other offices
  • Help to ensure robust Conflict Search capability procedures are implemented after business mergers

Knowledge and Skills:

•          Working knowledge of SRA and Law Society requirements for Conflict Search

•          Able to design and run database searches appropriate for the complexity and business risk presented by thematter/parties under investigation

•          Able to use query-type syntax to interrogate the Analyse conflict search history database

•          Able to execute logical, data-based analysis and interpret data

•          Possess the ability to determine whether adequate information is present to permit a robust Conflict decision to bemade and make recommendations to accept or decline business

•          Experienced user of Microsoft Office applications (specifically Excel and/or Access)

•          Ability to deliver clear and concise written and verbal reports

•          Maintains knowledge of market developments acquiring the necessary skills to meet new demands in servicedelivery


  • Work experience within a law firm and one of the following:-
  • Worked as Paralegal, Senior Paralegal, AML Compliance officer, Database Analyst
  • Experience working in New Business Inception processes


  • Previous conflicts experience
  • Evidence of ability in data handling and manipulation
  • Demonstrable experience of managing SLAs
  • Acting as a coach or mentoring others
  • Experience of database interrogation and analysis
£27k - 35k per year + .
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