Lending Operations Manager, Motor Finance

Loan Operations Manager / Lending Operations Manager - Motor Finance, Manchester

A superb new Motor Finance Lender / Loan Provider is coming on the market, backed by a leading financial services firm who have been an exceptional success story over the last decade, they are setting up a new Loan Provider.

The organisation is very entrepreneurial and will have later this year almost 500 employees, so very well established, funded and in a strong growth phase - an extremely exciting time to be part of a new lending area.

As such they are keen to setup a new motor finance loan provider - having an already proven route to excellent customers and strong brand to capitalise on. You will need to be a hands on Operations Manager with experience in the loans market in a similar role, happy to undertake all level of duties as you build the team around you from the ground up.

Key objectives in the position:

- Take over the creation of the workflows (management, collections, customer onboarding etc) and business processes required to establish the motor finance lending arm

- Project Manage the delivery, matrix manage teams

- Ensure Compliance is adhered to in this new venture, and that legislative frameworks are kept in mind

- Assist in the setup and delivery of the lending software implementation (3rd party provider)

- Assist in management, strategic direction, risk management

- Be happy to go the extra mile required when establishing a new lender, build from the bottom up

- Call customers where necessary, get involved in underwriting / giving underwriter support and the customers - a small team at the start whilst they rapidly grow the area

- Executive live finance agreements, make sure everything is checked / runs smoothly

- Analyse successful lending, a month later does the Direct Debit get paid, ensure learn quickly as a new business area

- Be very hands-on - especially at the start, where you will be building the team as the first loans are made in the next few months, ramping up to full launch in the Summer and the staffing needs of the business after this.

If you are interested in what is a very exciting, challenging and enjoyable opportunity we wish to talk to you today.

Please apply on the button immediately, or email operations"at"consultrpm"dot"com

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