Online Car Finance & Car Sales Person - Inbound Leads!

Online Car Finance & Car Sales Person - Inbound Leads!

Our client is a fast growing organisation, they are looking for a sales professional with a customer service outlook / perspective for their team.

The business offers both Online Car Finance to customers as well as Online Car Sourcing - effectively applicants can buy any car from any dealer if they wish, however they are also offered the Car Sourcing service which would ensure they get the car they want, the specification they want, delivered to their door within a few days - complete with MOT, Service, Warranty and so on - ensuring they get what they want.

The business is looking for a quality sales person, someone who has experience in both Car Sales (and understands Cars, sourcing cars and the general car market), combined with an understanding of providing Car Finance to customers. They would need sales experience over the phone ideally - but face to face sales is also appropriate.

If you are interested in this great role - which offers flexible hours and the ability to earn excellent bonuses, as well as a strong basic salary, then please apply on the button for more information.

Apply now, we look forward to hearing from you about this exciting opportunity.

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