Risk & Compliance - Entry/ Training Provided

Superb opportunity to start and build a career in legal risk and compliance.  Expert training from two very experienced professionals in the industry. 

This position is looking for someone who can demonstrate a passion towards risk and compliance and understands the importance of mitigating risk.  Some experience of compliance/ AML/ Conflict of interest regulation - SRA - would be very beneficial as this is the principle code of conduct you would be working in accordance to.  Naturally any hands of experience of legal risk and compliance would be very beneficial and would certainly help the application.  Although experience does help, it is not a necessity.  Being personable and willing to learn is a critical part of fitting into this firm, perhaps even more so than the experience.  The dual managed department directors are very interested in people who have a strong academic record and are detail orientated, which is displayed in the work they do.  

Finding an entry level position like this in London is very difficult and competition is fierce, so the catch with this is that its actually Birmingham based, not London.  The upside of this is less competition and for the purpose of gaining 6-12 months experience in a legal compliance position, it would certainly open up the London market upon return.  Salary is fairly flexible and far from just living wage. 

If experience is your priority this is certainly worthwhile considering.  If you are not sure if this is for you, please do not hesitate to apply anyway.  The managers are happy to meet with people informally, even for 20-30mins over a coffee out of the office to meet people with an interest in compliance. 

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