Senior Consultant Recruitment Executive Searching - London

Senior Recruitment Consultant for Executive Searching Ltd - areas of Finance / Consulting / Technology / Tax - superb base salary and existing accounts to pickup and work on throughout the London area!

Senior Consultant required with at least 18 months-3 years + experience of quality billings behind them to pickup and manage accounts, as well as develop new relationships within our existing PSL structures.

We also need a Principal Consultant with 5+ years knowledge and experience of developing accounts and taking existing accounts to superb levels.

We have a pleasant environment, diverse and suitable / welcoming for both genders and all backgrounds.

If you are interested in this fantastic opportunity all you need is huge confidence, a history of dedication and focus, intelligence and quick learner, strong listening ability and a true desire to earn excellent money!

I am happy to talk you through it all! Look forward to hearing from you - please apply on the button today.

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