Senior Hardware Engineer

Hardware Engineer / Hardware Design Engineer - Electronics

Our client is a leading hardware engineering firm who have a fantastic track record of success - unlikely to be who you think they are - they have won many awards for innovation and technological excellence. They are now looking for a superb Hardware Engineer to join the prestigious team.

You can be obviously any level of experience to be considered - but you will likely be an experienced hardware engineer (3-6 years of relevant experience to be proficient is likely - circa around 4/5 yrs) - preferably with experience in high volume, cost-sensitive products - confident in digital & Low power analogue electronic circuitry.

Ideally you will have expertise (or desire to develop expertise) in PCB layout, embedded software dev using C, experience with Altium Designer, understand wireless communication applications.

You must have:

• Circa 4-5 years experience of electronic hardware design, digital and (preferably) analogue circuits.
• A recent track record of implementing challenging hardware designs into major production
• Need to work with members of software development team, CEMs and third-party test labs.
• Ability in hands-on debugging of our complex embedded system with appropriate tools
• Design skills in EMC, RF testing and approval
• Need to know the principles of design for manufacturing, reliability of engineering, quality assurance processes and risk management, also approaches to ensure cost optimization
• Excellent and recent problem solving and strong planning skills, desire to achieve great things!
• A degree in a relevant discipline would be useful.

If you feel the fit the bill, or would like more information, please do contact us immediately by applying on the button - or contact ben"at"consultrpm"dot"com by email - we look forward to hearing from you.

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